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Anyone who's knows me, knows that outside of my love for family and music, my next two loves are travel and fashion. Today's lets talk a little bit about fashion. Since I was a young man, I've always loved to dress up and stand out amongst the rest. Sometimes I would dress up for no reason at all, just for the hell of it.

It's almost crazy when you think about it. If you we go back just 50-60 years ago, we dressed up for everything. Anytime you left the house, you were dressed to a T, to the grocery store, the picture show (movies) and definitely to church. Now as a society, we only dress up for work and church and the occasional black tie affair. What happened? I'm not sure, but I'm glad to see that there are some young people reversing this trend.

I'll tell you this, my life changed drastically a few years ago when a friend invited me over for a "Tailored Event". Once to twice a year, he would have Tailors from Thailand come to his house to present him with the latest swatches of fabrics for him to peruse for a new creation. I walked in and there were swatches everywhere! Pin stripes, plaids, sharkskins and more. Tons of fashion magazines were laid out that included pages upon pages of pictures of suits. I was instructed to select a suit I liked from the magazine as well as the swatch for the material and pattern I liked.

Minutes later I was been measured from head to toe. I mean, this wasn't the normal measurements you get when you go to a tuxedo rental shop. These guys were under my arms, over my arms, hell I swear one of them put a measure tape into my arm as they measure every square inch of my body. I couldn't believe it. I was told I would hear back from them within 30 days as it take a while shipping internationally. Man, let me tell you! When my suit arrived and I took it out of the box it was in, I swear a spotlight shined and Heavenly Angels began to sing the Aria!

When I put the suit on, I felt like a Super Hero as I'd never put something on before that fit me so well! I mean the suit was perfect. No extra baggy material on the bottom of my shirt to make me bulge in my pants. The length was perfect! When I looked in the mirror I smiled so hard that I felt like a little kid getting the present he always wanted. This suit was an extension of me! My personality and my lifestyle. I couldn't stop smiling as it made me feel good!

Every man deserves to have this experience! We all deserve to be our own superhero's and a tailored suit will give you that feeling. Since that time, I've used several tailors, and one of my favorites happens to be in Baltimore, MD. Christopher Schafer Clothier has been one of the leading Clothiers in Baltimore for quite some time now. His work is impeccable, his swatch selections are unmatched and the level of customer service leaves nothing to be desired. Check out his website at and become a well dressed Super Hero today! 

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