Marcellus "Bassman Shepard

Men\'s Shoes

Men's Shoes
A man's suit, uniform, and superhero costume are not complete without the most important detail.....his slippers! Now when I say slippers, I'm referring to his shoes. I tend to purchase shoes so smooth and fly that they deserve to be called slippers because they look so slick.
We often put so much attention on our clothing that shoes are somewhat of an after thought. Think about how many times you've witnessed a brother well dressed, only to see him in shoes that don't either match the threads (clothing), are beat up, or even worse not polished! It's time to reclaim our fashion prowess and show these young men that it's okay to dress well daily, that wearing belts are still allowed and okay, and that shoes deserved to be shined!

Shoes! It's time for us to stop ignoring that very important detail! You are a Super Hero in your own right!  From head to toe, don't neglect your uniform! Find you some slippers that showcase your personality. One of my favorite cobblers right now is out of London. Thomas Bird Shoes. They are Italian made, hand cut beauties with a wide variety of selections. Visit their website at and be sure to tell them The Bassman sent you!


Craig Clinkscales - March 28th, 2019 at 7:46am

Very well said Bass. I need to upgrade my shoe game.

Sami - August 17th, 2021 at 9:35am

lovely post Marcellus. I never neglect my shoes. Shoe is my first priority





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